22 Wonderful Baptism & Christening Gifts For the New Bundle of Joy

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It’s a joyous day in your family when you’re blessed with a new addition. Whether you’re the parents, the godparents, or the grandparents, it’s common courtesy to gift the newborn on that special day.

A baptism or a christening is a unique milestone for the family and it’s the perfect occasion for you to shower the baby with love, attention, and gifts.

Here are 22 awesome baptism and christening gift ideas for a thoughtful gift.

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1. 7 ate 9 Apparel Pregnancy Announcement Onepiece

Our rating: 9 / 10

7 ate 9 Apparel Pregnancy Announcement Onepiece

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  • 100% soft cotton fabric
  • Double-stitched and reinforced seams
  • Machine wash cold

Ate 7 At 9 Apparel Pregnancy Announcement Onepiece – Answered Prayer White is a super cute way to announce that you’re expecting! This adorable onesie has a full front that shows a praying momma and her belly, and a back that reads, “You’re going to be a big brother or big sister! 5 months”.

The wording “Hallelujah” is on the top of the Onesie, and “Answered Prayers” is on the bottom.

This adorable maternity onesie is somewhat form-fitting, so it’s best suited for a mom who isn’t very far along in her pregnancy. The sizes are based on a traditional maternity shirt sizing system, so choose the one that corresponds to your pre-pregnancy size. The material is very soft and breathable, too!

2. Baptism Gift

Our rating: 9 / 10

Baptism Gift

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Baptism Gifts, Christening Gifts, Godparents Gift, Baby Baptism Gifts.

We have taken the best and made it even better. Our popular, customized “my first prayer” bracelet now with even more options! This stunning design offers an elegant, sleek look and luxurious feel for babies and toddlers.

Made from high-quality polymer clay, strung on durable elastic cord and featuring a high-shine, silver-toned charm, the bracelet offers a fashionable way to celebrate a special day.

3. ebba Baby Talk Carrier

Our rating: 9 / 10

ebba Baby Talk Carrier

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And WubbaNub® Bear.

When it comes to choosing baptism gifts for a new baby, there are quite a few things to consider. You want the gift to be special, and easy enough to be used on the day. Hopefully you have some friends or family members with children who can share their personal baptism gifts to help inspire you.

While some people offer just one gift, there are others who might offer a collection of things that will help to make the day special for the godparents or for the parents.

4. Personalized Star Constellation Map

Our rating: 9 / 10

Personalized Star Constellation Map

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  • Made of high quality linen paper
  • Unique gift for newborns
  • Natural night-light

Large Black Edition, Unique Baby Shower Gift, Starry Sky Map for Children, Home Decor, Unique Gift for Son or Daughter, Natural Night Light

Straight from the makers of our beloved star murals comes the star constellations map poster for kids. Perfect for a nursery, kids room, or as a unique gift.

The night sky map poster displays all 88 constellations in beautiful, earth-sky-friendly black color with our modern and elegant design. Printed on high-quality 100g/m’2 in a large format, the map is easy to frame!

5. Mud Pie Inspirational Count Your Blessings Jar Set

Our rating: 9 / 10

Mud Pie Inspirational Count Your Blessings Jar Set

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This adorable jar set encourages Baby to count his/her blessings and write them down on the paper. Mama can write down her blessings on the label attached to the jar. This set comes with a jar, candle, paper and a marker.

6. LUKYCILD Blessed Mama T Shirt Mom Life Shirt Mommy Shirt Women Short Sleeve Graphic Print T Shirt Tee

Our rating: 9 / 10

LUKYCILD Blessed Mama T Shirt Mom Life Shirt Mommy Shirt Women Short Sleeve Graphic Print T Shirt Tee

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  • Great quality
  • Cute design
  • Good fit
  • Good price

This is a really cute and comfy shirt. I received many compliments on this shirt when wearing it. It's a good length to wear with jeans or leggings. The cotton is soft as well.

7. Willow Tree Guardian Angel

Our rating: 9 / 10

Willow Tree Guardian Angel

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  • Prays for strength
  • Embraces baby with love
  • Lends comfort to parents

17.5 in (20277)

Many tend to think that sculptures are just a decoration item, but in reality, they could be a great gift for a new baby. We received the Willow Tree Guardian Angel which happens to be a beautiful piece that cherishes the love of God.

The design of the Guardian Angel is truly beautiful and has been crafted with amazing detail. It shows a sitting angel holding a baby and daughter with desires of caring and protection. All the details are so delicate in fact that it will surely be a favorite.

8. Ocean Drop Designs

Our rating: 9 / 10

Ocean Drop Designs

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  • These blankets are huge! Most of the newlyweds I know would not need to buy another blanket for at least 3-4 months.
  • The material of the blanket is very soft
  • Big enough for baby to grow into a toddler blanket
  • A perfect gift for a baby shower


  • The fabric is thin so you will need a couple of blankets depending on the season
  • The blankets are machine washable only, so remove them from the dryer as soon as they are dry and lay flat to dry the rest of the way. Failure to do so could result in a tangled mess.

(Color May Vary)

These Muslin Swaddle Blankets have a beautiful design that will compliment any nursery decor. They are soft and durable, which makes them particularly good for swaddling. They are printed with a beautiful quote from the book of Psalms 139, ‘You created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.’

These beautiful white Muslin Swaddle Blankets would be a perfect gift for a baby shower or a Christening ceremony. The baby will have these swaddles for their entire babyhood.

9. Malden International Designs Baby Memories Love You To Wood

Our rating: 8 / 10

Malden International Designs Baby Memories Love You To Wood

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  • Comes in a variety of different styles and sizes
  • Quality product and design
  • Good merchandise and looks very nice

A nice, sturdy frame for your child’s baby book, this picture frame by Malden International is great for the first photo with the parents, coming home from the hospital, or other special occasions.

This beautiful wood picture frame features a very nice and soft design and it can be personalized with a monogram that you choose. The glass in the frame is protective, and it ship with a small gift box in case you want to give it as a gift.

This picture frame can hold a 4×6 or 5×7 photo, and it’s a good choice to choose for your child’s baby book or to frame in a nursery. It’s simple but still attractive and it has a very nice white finish.

10. Creative Gifts Noahs Ark Animals Brushed Pewter Coin Bank,4×5

Our rating: 8 / 10

Creative Gifts Noahs Ark Animals Brushed Pewter Coin Bank,4x5

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  • The jar is made of pewter
  • The animals are made of zinc alloy
  • The coin bank is made of tinplated steel
  • It is easy to keep clean
  • The price is very reasonable


  • The animals are painted with lead paint
  • Some people complained that the paint is easily chipped
  • The paint used is said to be toxic

5×9,by Regal Gifts

The Ark animals is a pewter jar with a lid and a coin slot on top. Inside the jar are 4 animals and a boat. The animals are made of zinc alloy while the ark and the boat is made of tin-plated steel.

The animals are painted in beautiful colors, and it is recommended that you wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

11. Godchild Gift Quote Nursery Art Print

Our rating: 8 / 10

Godchild Gift Quote Nursery Art Print

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  • Text and quote are printed nicely
  • Matches many room colors and decor
  • Matches many catholic decor
  • Unique and customized for the recipient

Baptism Birthday Present, Diaper Cakes, Clothes.

12. First Communion Gift Small Jewelry Box Stained Glass Religious Keepsake Prayer Christian Baptism Confirmation Rosary Case Trinket J Devlin Box 349

Our rating: 8 / 10

First Communion Gift Small Jewelry Box Stained Glass Religious Keepsake Prayer Christian Baptism Confirmation Rosary Case Trinket J Devlin Box 349

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This fine jewelry box is hand-painted stained glass gift that many people would like to have. It can be used a keepsake box, jewelry box or pencil box. The lid features the delicately painted Blessed Mother's face surrounded by angelic wings.

The back of the box has a raised art of the St. Therese Apparition accompanied with the words that she spoke, "I desire that there be a chapel here in the vineyard, if you promise to make me your Mother."

The sides of the box depict the Last Communion of Christ. The bottom of the box has a raised image depicting the Sacred Heart. A Praying Girl design decorates the base of the box.

13. Baby Gap Gift Card

Our rating: 8 / 10

Baby Gap Gift Card

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  • Affordable
  • Allows you to choose the most suitable gift for your child

We recommend the Baby Gap gift card because it’s an easy gift for the parents who are not still sure about what to buy for the baby. With a gift card from the Gap, they have a wide range of clothes and other products they can choose from.

The brand is well-known for its high-quality products that are made with the most modern technologies. The clothes are made with fine materials, and the labels and patterns are adorable.

A gift card from the Gap will help parents choose the most suitable clothing for their baby and will make them feel like someone put lots of thought into the present.


Our rating: 7 / 10


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  • Small and portable
  • Outstanding gift for a baby

The Little Golden Bible (LGB) is known as the little gold copy. It tells the wonderful accounts of the birth of Christ and the boyhood of Jesus. It is specially designed for little Christian children to introduce them to the main Biblical stories.

The LGB is a very special book with its soft and luxurious cover. It is sized in a way that little baby hands can hold them without any problems (5.25 inches x 4.37 inches x 1.4 inches).

It is written in a rhyming style. The velvet satin binding and the gold foil embellishments make the book stand out. This delightful book has pretty illustrations that any baby would love.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are good baptism gifts?

There are many different types of gifts that are appropriate for a baptism. Depending on the age of the baby, you can get different types of goodies.

Most churches will let you know if they would like for people to bring in gifts or make a monetary donation to help with the costs for the baby’s upbringing.

Gifts start at easy baskets of small size for newborns to toys and clothing appropriate for the age of the child. It should also be noted that many churches will have a separate contribution box at the time of the ceremony if you’d like to make a donation in lieu of a gift.

Other parents will ask for contributions to their child’s education fund instead of providing gifts for the adults at the baptism. That being said, there are some common gifts for christenings or baptism.

What gift does a godparent give at baptism?

It’s really nice to give a gift to the godparents, too. When picking your gift, keep the closeness of your relationship to the couple and the openness of the ceremony in mind. A more personal gift would be nice, but of course any gift is a thoughtful choice.

How much should I give for a baptism gift?

Gift giving is part of the old tradition of the baptism celebration. It’s done as a way to celebrate the birth and welcome the child into the community of faith. Ideally, the gift should symbolize the person’s special relationship with the family. It is a way of saying that you’ve received them into your heart, not just your home. Consider gifts that highlight the love of God you feel for them.

You can give cash, checks, gift certificates in place of gifts, or special blessings such as offering to babysit for them at their convenience. If the parents are requesting that you give a certain gift, you should keep this in mind, but you should still add a personal touch.

What is an appropriate christening gift from grandparents?

Grandsons are especially close with their grandparents. It’s as if they have known each other all their lives. They love to bond and play together and the one thing they love even more is to receive gifts from grandma and grandpa. Imagine bringing home a new baby, and finding all these wonderful items under a tree. It’s a special moment, one that will stay with you all their lives.


If you are looking for something special and unique for the little new bundle of joy in your life, look no further. You will find a great selection of baptism and Christening gifts for the special person from newborns to toddlers to babies up to 3 years old. There are even great gifts for older kids and teens on this list!

Finding the appropriate gift is sometimes difficult but with this list of 22 wonderful baptism and christening gifts for the new bundle of joy, your search is over and you won’t have to worry about leaving anyone out or about forgetting an important milestone.

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