Gifts That Keep On Giving: 49 Must Have Monthly Subscription Boxes For Women

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Finding gifts for her can be terrifying. Seriously, we know. Some women need gifts all year round, so we know how tricky it can be to find the perfect gift.

Just like men, women have a variety of different demands when purchasing gifts. Some want jewelry, others want cosmetics and skincare, while some want subscription boxes of things like snacks, home style items, or even alcoholic beverages.

Need gift ideas for your mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend, or female colleague?

Our team of experts have tried out countless monthly subscription sites and have picked the best ones for various types so you don’t need to do a lot of work or research.

Here are some inexpensive and amazing monthly subscription boxes for women that you can gift her.

Thoughtfully GiftsBest OverallThoughtfully Gifts
Tea Forte Herbal Retreat Petite Presentation Box Tea SamplerBudget PickTea Forte Herbal Retreat Petite Presentation Box Tea Sampler
Pellas NatureUpgrade PickPellas Nature

1. Thoughtfully Gifts

Our rating: 9 / 10

Thoughtfully Gifts

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  • Box comes with a felt bag for storage
  • Box comes with seven types of sauces
  • Great hot sauce gift idea for your loved one
  • Hot sauce flavors are unique and exotic
  • Virtually no heat is bad. It allows for anyone to enjoy the flavors
  • Consistency is smooth


  • Packaging is a little present-forward
  • Sauce bottles are small, so expect to order extra for gifting
  • Only available in one size

If you know a hot sauce lover or a hot sauce gift giver, then you know that they’re a little bit difficult to get for. This great hot sauce gift set from Thoughtfully Gifts can offer some inspiration for finding the right hot sauce gift.

Made from BPA free plastic, this set includes all seven sauces from the Fuego line of hot sauces. Fuego was named after one of the main ingredients found in many of the sauces, fiery red chili pepper. Designs on the bottle sauces include mock brandings of countries that are each of the sauces’ inspiration. Each bottle is decorated to match the country the sauce is from.

2. Bean Box

Our rating: 9 / 10

Bean Box

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  • Coffee is sourced directly from the farmer
  • A different coffee every month
  • Includes 12 bags of coffee
  • Has a variety of flavors
  • The Canadian roaster features fair trade and organic coffee
  • Has a 100% guarantee

The Bean Box is a Canadian company that ships a monthly box of coffee to your home. The box will feature a different coffee every month from a different independent Canadian roaster. So you can reap the health benefits of coffee from a different source every month.

In each box, you’ll find 12 bags of coffee, enough for one bag per week. If you want a fair trade and organic option, this is what you get. The company sources its coffee from small farms around the world and implements its guarantee so you get coffee that’s sustainable.

All the coffee is delivered in vacuum packs to ensure the quality of the beans.

3. Tea Forte Herbal Retreat Petite Presentation Box Tea Sampler

Our rating: 9 / 10

Tea Forte Herbal Retreat Petite Presentation Box Tea Sampler

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  • Variety
  • Easy to brew the tea
  • Menu items are well-reviewed

Tea Forte is one of the companies that make the best teas that are wholesome and delicious. Tea Forte offers more than a dozen types of herbal teas that are compact but effective in delivering their effects to its customers.

Each one of their herbal tea packs are carefully blended from a selection of ten different herbs. The herbs were chosen to bring out the flavors and aromas of each one them to give customers a tea experience they won’t forget.

A lot of people delight in these teas as they are different, and they enjoy how it aids their health. A lot of people order these things by the case because they like them so much. The Forte Herbal Tea family (if you want to call it that) is great if you want to taste teas from an assortment of the different kinds of wholesome teas that they have on offer on their menu. Just be careful when you brew them, because they are full of vitamins and nutritional value.

4. Pellas Nature

Our rating: 8 / 10

Pellas Nature

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  • Provides an array of flavors for all the food enthusiasts
  • Has an appealing smell
  • Has a good taste
  • Global award winner

Unrefined and Unfiltered.

Play up your favorite international cuisines with these 4 exclusive olive oil flavors that are sure to enhance your meals with just the right amount of kick to your food.

This tasting set let you sample the best Pella olive oils in miniature bottles, perfect for dipping breads, cuisine and even seafood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the best monthly gift boxes?

If you have ever browsed through one of your local magazine stands, you have probably seen countless subscription box advertisements with different themes and contents.

Much like a physical gift box, the contents of a monthly gift box are completely random. However, this makes receiving them even more exciting! The sole purpose of these subscription services is to give you a fun and exciting gift that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself.

If you have a loved one that enjoys monthly mystery boxes, we’ve got you covered. Here are 49 women’s gift boxes that would be a definite hit:

  • For the Bride & Groom
  • For the Champagne Lover
  • For the Cosmetics Lover
  • For the Foodie
  • For the Mom
  • For the Nerd
  • For the Mother-To-Be
  • For the Pampered Princess
  • For the Romantic

What's the best subscription box for women?

Subscription and mail-order boxes are slightly different, but the idea is the same. Each month you get a box full of things ranging from mild to wild. For instance, some boxes just send you food, while others send you gifts or things you can use in certain ways

There are a variety of different types of boxes available, each with their own unique characteristics. Hot sauce, coffee, beer, candles, beauty products, crafting, children’s clothes, and coffee are the most common.

The reviews here were given by people who have tried at least 3-4 subscription boxes themselves. They know what they like, and likewise, they know what they don’t like and why. These are highly reviewed subscriptions that you can order again and again, without having to worry about a bad surprise with each box.

How do you get free subscription boxes?

Subscription boxes are a great way to get a ton of quality, interesting items at an affordable price. From beauty boxes to food subscription boxes to book boxes, there’s something for everyone.

A handful of the companies which bring you these boxes are willing to send them free of charge for some time in exchange for your honest reviews. Before you sign up for a monthly box, just search around the internet for requests for free boxes. Don’t give your credit or debit card info to companies before you do your research and check out their reviews.


While it’s true that there are such a vast number of subscription boxes on the market today, the benefits of a regular delivery service can be truly appreciated. With the huge selection of different types of boxes to choose from, every woman is sure to find something that fits her needs and lifestyle. This makes a monthly subscription service one of the best gifts overall for any woman. Here’s a list of nearly 500 monthly subscription boxes for women, covering all sorts of different categories.

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Thoughtfully GiftsBest OverallThoughtfully Gifts
Tea Forte Herbal Retreat Petite Presentation Box Tea SamplerBudget PickTea Forte Herbal Retreat Petite Presentation Box Tea Sampler
Pellas NatureUpgrade PickPellas Nature